Die Marke PLEXIGLAS® feiert Geburtstag.

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An inspirational brand for 85 years

PLEXIGLAS® has been an inspiration since its very first application – after all, the brand acrylic glass is the material of choice for creative designs and innovative projects thanks to its versatile properties and intelligent functions.

Had it not been for chance, the wide range of ideas for PLEXIGLAS® may never have existed: In the 1930s, the chemists at Röhm & Haas were researching how to create a type of transparent rubber. One day, they left an experimental compound on the windowsill. The next day, instead of finding rubber, the perplexed scientists discovered a new type of plastic: acrylic glass, or to use the chemically correct term polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). The new material was named “PLEXIGLAS” and registered as a brand on August 9, 1933.