Solarium with columns made of PLEXIGLAS®


Wellness – including for the eyes

Take some time out, enjoy the warmth and light – that’s the reason why so many people visit solariums. With atmospheric lighting from PLEXIGLAS®, the megaSun salon helps you to begin relaxing before taking a sunbath.

With its short and gloomy days, we lack sunlight particularly in winter. Many people suffer from an outright deficiency syndrome during the cold months of the year. They feel tired and sluggish. A visit to the solarium can lift people’s spirits. In their salon in Montabaur, megaSun not only focuses on high-tech solariums, but also on an atmospheric lighting concept.

Light sets the tone in shopfitting

Light plays an important role in shopfitting. In addition to setting the tone, it enhances the entire atmosphere of a room – and thus the well-being of the people who are in it. This makes lighting an essential element in interior design concepts, in particular in spas.

Optimum light scattering

Hamburg, Beijing, Dubai – megaSun operates 15 tanning salons worldwide which differ in their individual design. This is intended to help people feel at ease straightaway when visiting one of megaSun’s tanning salons. In designing their salon in Montabaur, the sun experts opted for indirect lighting using LED technology and PLEXIGLAS® LED. The light from the LEDs is introduced into the sheet from the edges and the brand acrylic glass from Röhm provides an even illumination through optimum light scattering.

The chosen material, PLEXIGLAS® LED White WH46 SC, also allows for varying lighting. The material itself is white and therefore takes on the color of the LED. On the ceiling, on walls and integrated into the fronts of furniture, PLEXIGLAS® sets the tone in the salon and creates a pleasant, indirect lighting. Wellness – including for the eyes.

megaSun solarium with PLEXIGLAS®


megaSun uses its own solariums at their tanning salons. The 7900 alpha deluxe is the flagship of the megaSun range. The ergonomically shaped glass bed made of PLEXIGLAS® ensures optimum light distribution and highest comfort, while at the same time being UV-resistant.