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Colors inspired by the diversity of the ocean

“Living Coral” is the Pantone Color of the Year. Its vivid shade goes perfectly with maritime variations from the extensive color palette of the brand acrylic glass PLEXIGLAS®.

The Pantone Color 2019 is a cheerful, positive coral red with golden undertones. “Living Coral” was inspired by our natural surroundings: fascinating corals, whose habitat is difficult for humans to reach. The vibrant color dominated by a warm orange with shades of pink and rose has a refreshing effect in design, fashion and even on social media. At the same time, “Living Coral” offers warmth and comfort in an ever-changing world.

Combining colors skillfully

Pantone Color of the Year

Every year, the color experts of the Pantone Color Institute look for new color influences around the world. They include color trends in fashion, in art collections and works by up-and-coming artists, in all areas of design and in new lifestyle in their analysis. Even social media platforms and upcoming sporting events that are of worldwide interest can play a role in deciding the Pantone Color of the Year.

The radiantly fresh “Living Coral” can be stylishly combined with the various shades of ocean blue, for example with PLEXIGLAS® versions in turquoise or transparent blue. Much like the biodiversity of the ocean, the brand acrylic glass offers nearly endless design possibilities with its versatile colors and varying surfaces.

For example, the strong turquoise PLEXIGLAS® Satinice Laguna 5H74 DC is an excellent match for the trend color “Living Coral”. The material has a warm, almost velvety feel and invites touching. The satined, elegant surface is extremely durable with fingerprints being barely visible and easy to remove. PLEXIGLAS® Satinice Laguna 5H74 DC perfectly matches accessories and paints in coral red, creating a fascinating world of underwater colors.

Complementing the trend color

With its transparent color, PLEXIGLAS® GS Blue 5C18 GT, on the other hand, complements the Pantone trend color “Living Coral” harmoniously and attracts attention with its high-gloss surface. Like all of the high-quality PLEXIGLAS® products, this version is easy to process and can therefore be used for creative and modern designs. For example, it takes little effort to laser-cut, mill or saw various shapes such as waves from the material and combine them into unique creations. These highlight the material’s light transmission of 64 percent. Thanks to its resistance to weather and UV radiation, the transparent PLEXIGLAS® GS Blue 5C18 GT is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Stylish and customized

Colorless types of PLEXIGLAS® can also be used in combination with the colors of the ocean – for example by printing with motives from the underwater world. PLEXIGLAS® Optical 0A000 HC sheets can be printed using either a silkscreen or digital printing process. For example, PLEXIGLAS® Optical 0A000 HC can be customized with underwater motives in “Living Coral” and coordinated shades of blue and turquoise. For a permanent good appearance, PLEXIGLAS® Optical 0A000 HC offers an excellent resistance to wear and chemicals through a one-sided surface treatment, which also makes it easy to clean. With large formats of the material, jointless, printed wall claddings can be created, for example depicting a colorful underwater world in your own home, store or office.

PLEXIGLAS® is durable

Its characteristics make PLEXIGLAS® a material that can be used for high-quality, durable consumer goods; it is not a traditional disposable or single-use item. Its aging and weather resistance ensures that PLEXIGLAS® remains fully functional even after several years of use and does not need to be replaced after a short time. At the end of its life-cycle, PLEXIGLAS® can be cleanly separated and reused in energy production or recycled as a reusable material.

Be inspired

Create unparalleled maritime worlds of color with PLEXIGLAS® Satinice Laguna, PLEXIGLAS® GS Blue 5C18 GT and PLEXIGLAS® Optical 0A000 HC. Order your free sample fitting the “Living Coral” color trend here until April 10, 2019:

To receive your free PLEXIGLAS® sample, simply enter the code “LIVINGCORAL2019” in the final order step.