Image of the sunken U-boat U 581

© Rebikoff-Niggeler-Stiftung

The LULA 1000 submersible finds a missing German U-boat

The LULA 1000 research submarine has made a find that will enthrall marine biologists and historians alike: On the sea bed off the Azores islands, it has discovered the German U-boat U 581.

In the early hours of February 2, 1942, the sister ship of the world-famous U96 film U-boat was sunk by its own captain. 42 crew members survived the evacuation at the time, four men lost their lives. Since then, it had been considered lost – until two explorers made the discovery in their deep-sea submersible with a PLEXIGLAS® dome. They discovered the 67 meter-long and almost 800 ton-heavy hull – broken into two parts – at a depth of 870 meters off Pico Island in the Azores.