Bathroom with red wall cladding made from PLEXIGLAS®

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Seamless bathroom: Wall cladding without tiles

Surfaces without any seams can help even the smallest bathrooms appear larger than they really are. Large wall claddings and shower back walls made from PLEXIGLAS® can help breathe fresh life into aging bathrooms, while also reducing the time required for renovations.

Small room, small tiles, outdated colors: When converting old bathrooms to contemporary wellness temples, many bathroom renovators make use of large surfaces without seams – as seam-free bathrooms provide numerous advantages.

The advantages of a seamless bathroom

Large elements on the walls and in the shower can help small rooms appear larger, while seamless surfaces contribute to a calm and appealing design in the bathroom, reminiscent of a spa area. Using small tiles not only creates more intermediate gaps, which often become unsightly after several years, as limescale and dirt stick to the seams more easily than on smooth surfaces – and, at worst, mold can also be a problem.

Renovating bathrooms without tiles

The trend in bathroom renovations and also new bathrooms is therefore moving towards fewer seams. Wall claddings and shower back walls made from PLEXIGLAS® Hi-Gloss and PLEXIGLAS® Optical scratch-resistant coating (HC), represent alternatives to large tiles, stone filler, lime plaster, Béton Ciré (waxed concrete) or synthetic resins, and are available from many specialists. While the size of tiles is limited by their weight in particular, the Röhm brand acrylic glass enables the use of seamless elements of up to 2 x 3 meters in size.

Seamless: Wall design in the bathroom

Wall panels made from PLEXIGLAS® can also easily keep up with the variety of tiles in terms of design: The PLEXIGLAS® Hi-Gloss product range is available in many different colors, while PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC can be backprinted with any design you choose, from brickwork or wood designs to photographs. “All variants have an exceptional depth effect which helps create a high-gloss surface,” says Denise Gündling, who is responsible for these two product ranges at Röhm. “The materials are also often used in kitchens as high-gloss splashbacks.” This effect is achieved for PLEXIGLAS® Hi-Gloss products through the application of an additional high-gloss and colorless layer on top of the colored acrylic glass layer. “The colors appear even more brilliant through this combination,” explains Gündling.

PLEXIGLAS® Hi-Gloss and PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC provide an extraordinary depth effect, thus making the colors appear even more brilliant.

Denise Gündling
Junior Market Segment Manager for the PLEXIGLAS® Hi-Gloss and PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC product ranges

Robust and easy to maintain

In order to ensure that the design keeps its appearance over a long period of time, PLEXIGLAS® Hi-Gloss is available with a scratch-resistant coating, as well as the scratch-resistant PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC. The smooth surface, which is resistant to many chemicals, is easy to clean and can endure the high humidity levels as well as the constant temperature changes in the bathroom.

Renovating bathrooms without making a mess or noise

In addition to all these advantages, wall claddings and shower back walls made from acrylic glass represent a time-saving alternative to tiles: Do-it-yourself enthusiasts and specialists alike can either glue the claddings directly to the old tiles or install them in a profile system. “It is therefore not necessary to remove the old tiles first, a task which always involves a lot of noise and dirt,” explains Gündling. “PLEXIGLAS® is generally very easy to work with, as it can be cut to size or drilled directly on site.” In (almost) no time at all, an old bathroom can be transformed into a contemporary wellness room in your own home.