Armin Lutz with a PLEXIGLAS® violin in the Ufa Weekly Review newsreel in 1938

© Evonik Industries AG, Konzernarchiv Hanau

Musical instruments as transparent as ice

Curious about other applications for PLEXIGLAS®, company founder Otto Röhm and his employees even made musical instruments from the new material in the 1930s.

When it came to processing, the researchers at Röhm & Haas, a predecessor company of Röhm, tried making everything they could think of out of PLEXIGLAS®. It soon became apparent that PLEXIGLAS® could be cut, drilled and milled. In addition to this, the finished sheets could be shaped at high temperatures below their melting point. Elated by the possibilities, Otto Röhm, who was interested in art and music, commissioned an employee to build him a violin from PLEXIGLAS® in May 1935.