PLEXIGLAS® tent roof Olympic Stadium Munich, historical

© Evonik Industries AG, Konzernarchiv Hanau

Floating and transparent: The roof of the Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium in Munich was built for the Summer Olympics 1972; today it is one of the city’s landmarks. The tent roof made of PLEXIGLAS® is the most extraordinary part of the stadium which even covers parts of the surrounding Olympic Park.

At the time, the tent-like roof of the Munich Olympic Stadium was an architectural sensation the likes of which had never been seen before! The transparent roof was to symbolize airiness and openness, as well as provide a structural separation between the second Summer Olympic Games in Germany and those of National Socialist times. The transparency of the roof also made it possible for the Summer Olympics and the matches of the 1974 FIFA World Cup (which Germany won) to be televised in color, a technology which was still in its infancy at the time.