Liviano by OCARI® lamp made of PLEXIGLAS® above a desk

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Lighting not lamps

Creating a comfortable atmosphere or brightening up a workspace – lighting is extremely versatile. With the “Liviano” lamp from OCARI®, the original PLEXIGLAS® puts light where it needs to be.

"Our idea was to get rid of the housing so that the light itself becomes the lamp," said Daniel Schulz, co-owner of the Boos & Schulz Designagentur (BSD) design agency, about the starting point for his Liviano creation. The transparent OCARI® brand pendant lamp blends subtly into the surroundings when off and appears to be a freely floating object formed out of light when lit.

This impression is thanks to the milled lines in the surfboard-shaped lampshade, made from PLEXIGLAS® GS. The branded acrylic glass transmits the light from the LEDs attached to the middle of the plate to the entire unit and couples it with the milled lines and outer edges. “The source of the light fades into the background completely,” said Schulz. “This effect would not be possible without PLEXIGLAS® outstanding ability to conduct light.” For the most delicate light emission possible, it is important that the material be able to be milled very precisely.

OCARI® – avantgarde lighting

All lighting from OCARI® is completely designed and manufactured in Germany. Design: Boos & Schulz Designagentur (BSD); Finishing: axis GmbH & Co. KG; LED technology: OPTOLED LIGHTING GmbH.

But Liviano is much more than just pure decoration: The second source of light of the pendant lamp, a downlight, creates a functional working light. The LEDs used take a backseat here thanks to a covering made from PLEXIGLAS®. The branded product disperses the light evenly across the entire surface of the unit, ensuring homogeneous lighting without hotspots. “Aside from the design aspects, this has a very practical advantage: Since one does not look directly into the light source, the light is very pleasant and glare-free, even when working on a screen,” explained Schulz.

Individual lamp with series potential

Both sources of light can be dimmed continuously and independently of one another for optimal lighting, and Liviano even makes a great impression when unlit. “Thanks to the high-quality appearance of PLEXIGLAS®, the lamp is both subtle and refined,” said Schulz. Customers can choose between the series model and an individual lamp made especially for them. For example, it is available in various sizes and also as a “tuneable white” version, where the light’s color can be shifted between cold white and warm white for everything from functional to cozy lighting. “This variety makes Liviano not just an elegant lamp for the office but also a gem for the home,” Schulz explained.

Liviano by OCARI® lamp made of PLEXIGLAS®

Nominated for the German Design Award 2015

“The quality of its design struck us: because your product stands out from the crowd and impresses down to the details and thus represents a significant contribution to the German part of the international design scene.” A quote from the nomination for the German Design Award 2015 The Cielo, Versura and Liviano lamps from OCARI® faced the international panel of experts in the “Excellent Product Design” category.

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