Illuminated sign with PLEXIGLAS® LED (a color-changing solution used for backlighting)

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Black by day, white by night

Advertisement signs should attract attention and present company logos in an aesthetic manner. A special PLEXIGLAS® version even changes color when backlit – and optimized properties allow the signs to shine particularly evenly.

Advertising messages are often illuminated around the clock, which is why energy-saving LEDs have largely replaced other lighting methods in illuminated advertising. LEDs are not only energy-efficient, but have also become more powerful over the last few years. The challenge here: If the LEDs are very bright, the covers – including those of advertisements – must diffuse light better to prevent areas with different degrees of brightness, known as hot spots.

Optimized version

Materials for illuminated advertising systems

PLEXIGLAS® has been a sought-after material for illuminated advertising for decades and has evolved continuously along with the sector itself. Developments include special versions of the brand acrylic glass which are suited for the requirements posed by LEDs. Learn more about the evolution of illuminated advertising here.

“Alongside the advancements in illumination technology, we are also continuously developing the different versions of PLEXIGLAS®,” explains Matthias Schäfer, Market Segment Manager for Visual Communication at Acrylic Products. This also applies to PLEXIGLAS® LED (a color-changing solution used for backlighting), previously known as PLEXIGLAS® Dual Color. “The special thing about this material is that it appears black or dark gray when unlit during the day,” says Schäfer. “But if you turn on the lights when it is dark, the advertising sign shines brightly in the color of the LEDs.” The color changes from black to white or from black to red, for example.

The optimized version of the translucent material is now also suitable for the next generation of brighter LEDs. “When we developed the PLEXIGLAS® LED group of products, LEDs were nowhere near as bright as they are today,” says Schäfer. This means that in order to create a pleasant, visually even impression, the gap between the LEDs and the sheet had to be constantly increased over the years to prevent hot spots. With the optimized product, the illuminated boxes can now be thinner and also brighter, while providing even illumination.

Improved light diffusion

See for yourself!

You can order samples of the optimized version of PLEXIGLAS® LED Black & White 9H001 from the PLEXIGLAS® Shop.

To ensure even better light diffusion, the illumination experts at PLEXIGLAS® not only adjusted the diffusion particles in the material, but also changed the manufacturing procedure of the sheets. The optimized, 3-mm-thick sheets are now extruded and no longer cast. “This means the sheets can have the lower thickness tolerances we are renowned for and the advertising system is illuminated more evenly,” Schäfer explains. However, the material is not only ideal for illuminated advertising signs. As path lighting or signposts, it can blend into the background during the day, while brightly illuminating the path at night – and for a long time too, as PLEXIGLAS® LED (for backlighting, color-changing) is extremely weather-resistant. This special version of PLEXIGLAS® can also be used in shopfitting, exhibition booth construction or furniture design to create inspirational effects.