Kitchen back wall illuminated with a mountain motif

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Design the kitchen back wall with light

There are essentially no limits when it comes to designing your own kitchen. The finishing touch is provided by the lighting, which combines bright light for kitchen work with a cozy atmosphere – just like an LED kitchen back wall made of PLEXIGLAS®.

An illuminated kitchen back wall is an alternative to a ceiling light or lights that are integrated in kitchen cabinets. It also combines the practical, specifically splashback protection, with a design element – all of which can be customized according to personal taste. One option that is available is a subtle warm white lighting, as is a vibrant color accent or a motif of your own design that is backlit.

An alternative to tiles

Many people underestimate just how important light is when designing rooms.

Rainer Horst
Founder and CEO of Acryl-Licht-Design GmbH

“Illuminated kitchen back walls are an extraordinary design element, because light can completely change the impression created by rooms,” explains Rainer Horst, CEO of Acryl-Licht-Design GmbH. Horst has been developing and producing light design objects since 2005, primarily from stainless steel, acrylic glass and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) – with kitchen back walls and shower walls part of the portfolio since 2010. These additions show how homogeneous illumination can be created by combining PLEXIGLAS® and LEDs.

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PLEXIGLAS® in a perfect interplay with LEDs


PLEXIGLAS® LED sheets and rods enable efficient lighting applications in connection with LEDs. We offer you a selection of products for edges, sides or backlighting in our PLEXIGLAS® online shop.

“An even illumination of the surface is crucial for the impact of an illuminated kitchen back wall,” Horst says, and he would know: after all, his company’s portfolio includes kitchen back walls as well as LED illuminated panels, LED signs and LED lights for exterior and interior areas. He exclusively uses PLEXIGLAS® for “everything that needs to be illuminated”. Horst adds, “It is the only material that really captures the light.” For example, PLEXIGLAS® conducts lights far better than mineral glass. Additionally, other versions of the brand acrylic glass are available which have been specifically designed for the interplay with LEDs. These modern and energy-saving lights emit strong point lighting and are therefore dependent on the surrounding material that converts the powerful lighting into an even illumination.

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Kitchen back wall with high-gloss look

PLEXIGLAS® offers many more inspiring design options for the kitchen than just illuminated kitchen back walls. For example, the brand acrylic glass is also suited as an unlit splashback protection or kitchen panels: PLEXIGLAS® Hi-Gloss or PLEXIGLAS® Optical HC give an elegant appearance and add robustness to the high-gloss kitchen.

Even light distribution

Company founder Rainer Horst relies on a combination of PLEXIGLAS® LED and a special coating for his lighting elements. This structure is then backlit with LED strips. “The result is an absolutely evenly illuminated surface,” Horst explains. This technology creates a pleasant, glare-free illumination – perfect for working or simply spending time in the kitchen. Horst’s customers have a choice of many different variants for illuminated kitchen back walls: for example, a white splashback protection which is then completely illuminated in color, or a color-printed version with a theoretically unlimited choice of motifs – from plants to structures to landscapes. These fascinating surface lights by the Acryl-Licht-Design GmbH can also be used in spas, bathrooms and living spaces, as well as in booth construction and shopfitting – in other words, anywhere and everywhere where light provides more than just illumination.

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