Building with a fiberglass facade with weather-resistant PLEXIGLAS® film

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Keeping facades and windows beautiful for ever

Sunlight, wind and weather are the biggest enemies of many plastics. PLEXIGLAS® films are a transparent protective layer.

Facades and windows are subjected to harsh weather conditions and aggressive UV rays all the time. The plastics used for them are often equipped with a protective layer to keep them looking good for as long as possible. But there is a problem with coatings like paints and varnishes: They are often very thin, so can easily be scratched off, burst or crack, resulting in visual flaws. PLEXIGLAS® films protect the materials underneath permanently.

Protection against wind and weather


PLEXIGLAS® films consist of poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) and are equipped with a varying UV absorber content. EUROPLEX® films are PMMA films coextruded with polyvinylidene (PVDF); the fluoride polymer is located on the surface. PLEXIGLAS® and EUROPLEX® films are produced in thicknesses of between 50 µm and 750 µm for both decorative and protective purposes.

After all, PLEXIGLAS® is extremely resistant to weather and wear, and consists entirely of extremely strong and UV-stable molecules. That means that both the surface and the entire material is protected against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Scratches on the surface do not impair the UV protection. EUROPLEX® HC films are especially robust. Thanks to their additional cover layer, they are even more resistant to weather and display outstanding chemical resistance.

Based on these properties, Röhm developed a range of PLEXIGLAS® and EUROPLEX® films that protect various outdoor construction applications. A cover layer of PLEXIGLAS® film can be applied to facade elements made from fiberglass plates, for example. PLEXIGLAS® weather protection film was applied to the VARIOPLANplus fiberglass facade from BUTZBACH. The film prevents dirt from adhering to the facade and covers the fiberglass fibers, so that the plates stay looking extremely attractive and brilliant for a long time. At the same time, the film’s high transparency means that it allows enough light through for the fiberglass plates to guide the daylight into the interior – retaining one of the major advantages of fiberglass plates as a facade element. These facade elements also look light and create impressive exterior lighting effects for the entire building when the interior is illuminated. This example is the operations center of the fire department and water supply company in Leudelange (Luxembourg).

Evolution in acrylics is our passion

This topic is a fine example of what “Evolution in acrylics is our passion” – the vision of Röhm’s Acrylic Products business unit – expresses, and what Röhm means by smart concepts in the chemical business. Read more about why evolution is part of the DNA of PLEXIGLAS®, why passion is so important in new projects, and how Röhm’s expertise will advance the development of this material in the years to come.

But PLEXIGLAS® films protect a lot more than just fiberglass facade elements. Flat laminate panels,  which are used as the outermost layer when heat insulation is retrofitted to houses, for example, can also be protected with PLEXIGLAS® or EUROPLEX® HC films.

Wood look that lasts

As well as the facade, the windows also play a crucial role in how a building looks. Wooden windows have to be repeatedly sanded down and repainted – a laborious process. But there is an alternative: PVC windows made to look like wood with PLEXIGLAS® or EUROPLEX® HC films. They give house owners the best of both worlds: wood look and durability. All thanks to two properties of PLEXIGLAS®: the natural UV protection of the material and its ability to be printed with decorative patterns. And because the branded product is completely colorless, there is no color shift in the patterns applied to the back of the film. Even from close up, it looks like a wooden frame. A cover film protects the material underneath against sunlight and other weather influences.

There is also a broad portfolio of PLEXIGLAS® films for  many other fields of application. For example, they ensure that traffic signs are easy to see.  They make labels durable and protect them against manipulation. And they enable even lighting for displays.


PLEXIGLAS® films are available for various fields of use, including as light guides.