Two generations of MINI in front of the BMW museum

© BMW Group

Two success stories rolled into one

A small car has been a huge success for decades: the MINI. For over 15 years, high-gloss, non-transparent PLEXIGLAS® pillar posts have contributed to the cult car’s unmistakeable design.

For many people, cars are much more than a means to an end, they are status symbols or even an expression of the owner’s personality. MINI was seen as a lifestyle brand as far back as the 1960s. It was chic, extrovert and different. Even pop stars like the Beatles had their photos taken in the MINI. So the little car’s characteristic design, meant to appeal to potential buyers, has basically remained unchanged. Big round eyes, a chrome-plated radiator grille and a large front windscreen make sure you can always tell a MINI when you see one.