Illuminated ski slope at night

© Thilo Brunner

Hahnenkamm Race: Shining lights on and off piste

The Hahnenkamm Race is legendary – both as a challenging skiing race and as a celebrity gathering. At the party slalom at the Kitz Race Club, PLEXIGLAS® lighting columns provide the perfect backdrop for VIPs.

The famous Ski World Cup at Hahnenkamm brings world-class sport and high society together. The piste in the Kitzbühel skiing region is notorious for its steep gradient and the speeds the skiers reach on it. But the slope is not the only thrill – the Ski World Cup also attracts celebrities from all over the world to glitzy parties at the Kitz Race Club. An exclusive party venue, in 2015 the club was bathed in glamorous light from specially-developed Zumtobel lighting columns.

Snow-white and extremely stable

The lighting effects at the Kitz Race Club in 2015 used a total of 16 tubes made from the branded product PLEXIGLAS® XT measuring 300/292 mm in diameter (external/internal) and 3,000 mm in length.

Highlight off piste

Zumtobel chose tubes made from colorless PLEXIGLAS® XT for the simple, understated design of the lighting columns. Because the columns were subjected to extreme weather conditions, they had to be able to withstand extreme cold, never becoming brittle or losing their shape even at sub-zero temperatures. At the same time, the material had to be resistant to yellowing in sunlight during the day, and ensure high transmission in order to create the special lighting atmosphere outside the celebrity club for the party at night.