Thekenbeleuchtung mit LEDs

For surprising (color) effects

When a black furniture front or wall cladding suddenly turns into a vibrant eye-catcher, you can be certain a special type of PLEXIGLAS® is behind it. It enables lighting elements for modern interior design concepts to be realized and stands out at trade fairs, in shops or at events.

“Light gives living areas, offices and business rooms a special atmosphere and helps elevate and upgrade furniture,” says Andreas Diekwisch, Head of Sales & Development at Otto-Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG. The experts for fronts and furnishing materials from Herford have been supplying their products to the furniture industry for over 100 years and are also strongly represented in the shopfitting and interior fitting sectors. “Light is an increasingly popular design element for all types of furniture and rooms,” Diekwisch explains.

Light harmonizes perfectly with dark colors, which are currently in great demand when it comes to furniture and interior design – whether in kitchens, bars or wall cladding. “In combination with dark gray or black, light can provide a strong contrast, creates individual highlights and ensures that the room isn’t too dark,” explains Diekwisch. Indirect illumination integrated in furniture or other design elements is a particularly elegant solution, for example when used to illuminate the surface of a component. For instance, LED furniture illumination can make the entire rear side or front of a piece of furniture shine – or it can be used simply to create a decorative strip.

Designing furniture with light

“There are different light-scattering versions of PLEXIGLAS® available for combining design elements with light. These can be selected depending on the respective design of the furniture or to suit the individual room concept,” says Bettina Pleitner, Market Segment Manager Furniture in the Acrylic Products business unit at Röhm GmbH. Alongside the standard white and transparent versions and those in RGB colors, there is also a special product which is ideal for the current trend of darker colors: PLEXIGLAS® LED for backlighting Black & White. When not illuminated, the material has a deep black color, but when the light is turned on, the material shines vibrantly in the color of the LEDs. Depending on the color of the LEDs, the material changes from black to white, or from black to red, for example.

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Illuminating with LEDs

PLEXIGLAS® LED for backlighting Black & White was originally designed specifically for illuminated advertising. In these applications, it is often used for its effect of alternating between black and white. “The material also precisely reproduces colored LED light and can shine in an almost endless array of colors,” explains Pleitner. “This makes it ideal for exciting applications in furniture or booth construction or shopfitting.”


Special PLEXIGLAS® LED sheets and tubes enable efficient lighting applications in combination with LEDs. In our PLEXIGLAS® online shop, we offer you a selection of products for edge lighting or backlighting, including the color-changing PLEXIGLAS® LED material for backlighting Black & White 7H25 GT, as well as the new, optimized PLEXIGLAS® LED for backlighting Black & White 9H001 GT. The latter material is also suitable for the latest generation of brighter LEDs. These products are used in illuminated advertising, shopfitting and trade fair booth construction in particular.

Good light scattering, easy processing

PLEXIGLAS® LED for backlighting Black & White gets the best out of the LEDs used for illumination. Its good light-scattering properties create comfortable, soft and clearly targeted light without hot spots. The brand acrylic glass from Röhm GmbH is also easy to process, shatterproof and durable, all while being significantly lighter than glass. It is therefore the ideal material for unique furniture and interior design concepts, as well as for eye-catching effects for trade fairs, shopping streets or events.

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