Camping trailer interior with engraved designer lamp made of PLEXIGLAS®

© Fendt-Caravan GmbH

Designer lamp for the mansion on wheels

So much more than just functional: The ORBIS ceiling light made of PLEXIGLAS® creates a cozy atmosphere in luxury trailers by Fendt-Caravan – while also looking absolutely stunning.

While the interior of trailers was rather focused on functional equipment until a few years ago, cutting-edge trailers can now be described as true mansions on wheels. Elegant leather, high-quality materials, large flat-screen TVs, fully equipped kitchens with ovens – and in many cases, the top-notch experience is topped off with a sophisticated lighting concept.

The history of trailers

Even though trailers are enjoying great popularity at the moment, they have actually been around for several centuries. Movable homes were already used during the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages – but naturally these vehicles did not bear much resemblance to modern models. The introduction of the VW van in 1950 finally contributed to making trailers suitable for the masses. Today, there are several types on the market, ranging from small camper shells on pickup trucks to mansions on wheels, even including a parking garage for small cars.

Design ceiling lights for trailers

Nothing influences the mood and atmosphere in a room more than lighting. Intelligent lighting systems are particularly important in trailers, where spaces serve multiple functions at the same time. While brightly lit rooms are needed for working and having lunch, evenings call for a more stylish atmosphere with ambient lighting. The dimmable ORBIS ceiling lights offer both functions.

The ceiling light produced exclusively for Fendt-Caravan by the Dometic Group stands out thanks to its simple but elegant design. The light is emitted from patterns engraved in a slightly domed panel, thus making sure that all eyes are on the light itself instead of the lamp. ORBIS was designed by the lighting experts at the Boos & Schulz design agency, who opted for colorless PLEXIGLAS® GS when selecting the material of the diffuser. Thanks to its excellent optical and light-conducting properties, this material is perfectly suited for use in luminaries, evenly distributing the light emitted by the LEDs across the entire surface.

Industry meeting

The Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, the world’s largest trade fair for motorhomes and trailers, invites all fans of these individual recreational vehicles to come together every year. On a floor space of 210,000 m², nearly 600 exhibitors present new products and innovations relating to mobile traveling.

High-quality design meets functionality

The brand acrylic glass used in the ORBIS ceiling light creates soft shadows as well as planar-diffuse and absolutely glare-free lighting, highlighting the luxurious atmosphere of the exclusive top model “Brillant” by Fendt-Caravan. Whether you are having dinner or enjoying a cozy evening in front of the TV – the right lighting reveals the true potential of the space in the trailer.

And since many trailer enthusiasts greatly value individuality, the laser engravings on the PLEXIGLAS® diffuser can be adapted to suit the customers’ wishes. The trailer can thus be customized even further and becomes a second home on wheels for its owners.