Façade of a tea shop in China made from PLEXIGLAS® Satinice

© Röhm GmbH

Combining tradition and everyday life

Pu-erh tea is no everyday commodity in China – attractive presentation is essential even in the shop. PLEXIGLAS® places the fine beverage in the right light in a special tea shop.

In China, tea is a byword for tradition and culture. For centuries, tea was the beverage of emperors, so it was prepared and presented accordingly. It was not just drunk, but savored – the reason behind the tea ceremony famous even today. This tradition alone makes elegant and atmospheric presentation indispensable, for example when selling an especially high-quality product.

The “Pure Pu’er” tea shop in Kunming, China, does just that. It offers only pu-erh tea – a tea variety characterized by its especially long maturing process. Some teas are more than 100 years old, and the same rule applies to pu-erh as to wine: the older the product, the finer and more fully developed the taste – and the higher the price. A price of EUR 10 or more per 100 grams is nothing unusual. In order to showcase the delicacy attractively, a mixture of wood and acrylic glass was chosen for the interior design of “Pure Pu’er”, specifically the branded acrylic glass PLEXIGLAS® Satinice.

The showroom makes the tea come alive

The shop design represents the connection between the past and the present; between tradition and everyday life. With the design creating the perfect shopping atmosphere, the revered tea variety is brought to life in the showroom. The plates brighten the room, as PLEXIGLAS® Satinice is fully illuminated, the material scattering the light coming in from behind evenly throughout the whole area. Scratches and signs of wear are nowhere to be seen even under this bright light, since the vibrantly green PLEXIGLAS® Satinice is resistant to this and withstands daily use. The kiwi green plates reflect the original green color of the tea leaves, and even the framed floral pattern on the material calls the tea leaves to mind. Another advantage of the material is that ornamentation can be added very easily to the branded acrylic glass, simply by printing or adhesion.


The secret of pu-erh

he exact process for producing pu-erh tea is a carefully guarded secret. All we know is that the leaves are refined in a special post-fermentation process that takes between six months and 60 years. This process gives the tea its typical reddish or brown coloring and its earthy, almost smoky, flavor, which even the Chinese emperors appreciated.

© Azovtsev Maksym / shutterstock.com

PLEXIGLAS® is therefore ideal for presenting the “imperial tea” in the right light, for a number of reasons. Visitors to “Pure Pu’erh” take their time choosing a tea, take a seat and taste a sample. The attractive shop design and its captivating atmosphere make the experience a treat not just for the taste buds, but for all senses.