Men in front of a player portrait of Aytac Sulu made of PLEXIGLAS®

© Röhm GmbH / Photographer Stefan Wildhirt

An illuminated piece of soccer history

True soccer fans always show who their favorite team is – not just at the stadium. There is merchandise for all areas of life, such as a very special player portrait made from original PLEXIGLAS®.

Soccer is their life. Weekend after weekend, men, women and children crowd into stadiums or cross their fingers in front of the TV. Hope, fear, despair, joy – soccer is pure emotion. True fans bring these emotions into their everyday lives. They save all types of souvenirs in the form of merchandise. The collectors amongst them are always on the lookout for unique pieces, like those that cannot be bought. An extraordinary player portrait made from PLEXIGLAS® Satinice, now available for soccer fans to win, is one example.