Eintracht Frankfurts Torjäger Alex Meier zeigt die Trophäe

© gettyimages.de/Torsten Silz

An illuminated display case for a soccer star

PLEXIGLAS® presents display case exhibits in the right light, like the special exhibit in the soccer museum of Eintracht Frankfurt.

“Alex Meier, soccer god!” – when fans of the Bundesliga team Eintracht Frankfurt celebrate their striker, this is what they chant in the Commerzbank Arena. Meier is by far their current best goal scorer and was even the top scorer in the Bundesliga in the 2014/2015 season – ahead of international stars such as Robert Lewandowski, Arjen Robben and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. The trophy he received for this achievement from “Kicker” soccer magazine shines particularly bright in a special display case.

Wide-area lighting

The standing display case consists of a man-sized stele in which an illuminated exhibition module is incorporated. The display case, that is an exciting exhibit in and of itself, was made by the Schreinerei Luther (carpenter’s workshop) from Darmstadt. “I had the idea for a special trophy case several years ago, but this is the first time I built it,” says sports fan and master carpenter Gerhard Luther.

The stele itself is made of resopal plates in which Luther milled a relief of the top goal scorer using a technique he developed himself. Since the relief covers all four sides of the stele, it creates a vivid impression of the soccer player. However, the focal element of the display case is the exhibition module in the middle that is illuminated from above and below. “The light emphasizes the displayed object and turns the display case itself into an eye-catching piece,” says Luther.

Homogeneous light scattering

“For this optical effect, we decided on PLEXIGLAS® Satinice, a material that allows for the best possible even illumination,” says Mathias Knuhr, who supported the project from concept to planning and implementation as the workshop manager of Schreinerei Luther. “We were familiar with the material from other projects  and thus knew that it has a very good diffusion effect while still displaying color well.” After all, the 10mm thick sheet of Röhm’s brand acrylic glass itself is white, it is only the background lighting in the form of a RGB LED strip that provides the color. “If the material was not to distribute the light emitted by the LEDs evenly, there would be differences in brightness. With PLEXIGLAS®, this is not an issue. However, using float glass, for example, would be more problematic,” says Knuhr. Even soccer star Alex Meier was impressed when the display case was presented at the Eintracht Frankfurt museum: “It is very well made and it is something special. The display case looks great and has excellent lighting.”